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Bollywood Sisters

Bollywood dance is hot, cheeky, funky and great fun for everybody! Zerina and Shamila will have you grooving to the latest Bollywood hits and connecting with your inner self whilst shimmying across the dance floor like a guru!

We cater for all ages and events and can put together a package to suit your every need. Spice up your next event with the Bollywood Sisters!

New Course Starts 6th Feb 6:30-8pm South Golden Beach Hall more...

  • Performances
  • Classes for Kids and Adults
  • Workshops
  • Hens Nights
  • Parties for Kids and Adults
  • Corporate Team Building

What is Bollywood Dance?


Bollywood is India’s Hollywood. In fact, Bollywood produces more films every year than Hollywood. Most Bollywood films are musical melodramas with choreographed high energy dance scenes interspersed through the film. Bollywood music and dance is a mixture of classical Indian, hip-hop, Latin and Bellydance. Bollywood movies are extremely colourful, dramatic and funny. Bollywood is now taking the world by storm.

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The Bollywood Sisters